These are the three basic philosophies at the heart of Three Left Feet. Which is why, what started off as a place to ‘learn’ Jazz dancing has now evolved into a place to Move. Play. Dance. Dance Movement Therapy now forms the core of our sessions where through intuitive movements, participants create and explore their own dance and by extension, happiness. 

Since its inception, Three Left Feet has been facilitating Dance Movement Therapy workshops with children (up to the age of 70) of St Catherine's Home, Sapling School, Fazlani Academy, Hellen Keller School for the Blind and Deaf, School for the Crippled, School for Rehabilitation of the Crippled, and The Yoga Institute.

Three Left Feet also facilitates free-for-all sessions on Thursday evenings at homes that our friends very graciously throw open for us. If you’d like to be a part of such a Dance Movement Therapy session as a participant or a host, please do get in touch with us.

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We all can dance -- We all already dance -- We are happy when we dance